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Agriculture Resource Building

In 1994, the Woodford County Conservation District Board with the assistance of the Woodford County Fiscal Court and the agricultural community, built a 12,800 square foot office complex for the agricultural offices in the county, 

In 2003, an addition of 3,636 square feet was built, which includes more meeting and office space plus a commercial kitchen for Farmer's Market members to make their products.  This facility is the first of its kind in Kentucky.

The offices that are housed in the building are Farm Services Agency, Woodford County Extension Service, Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources and the Woodford County Conservation District.


The meeting rooms are available for use by agencies or clubs that are agriculture, education, community and civic-oriented.  There are no private or political functions allowed. 


Click here for Reservation Packet! 

Commercial Kitchen.jpg

Cooking, pickling, or whatever your JAM!

For our Woodford producers looking for Value-Add work spaces, we have a full commercial kitchen available to process and package your produce.

Here are the guidelines for the kitchen.


Get in touch with the UK Extension Office to schedule:

184 Beasley Drive

Versailles, KY  40383

Phone: (859) 873-4601


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