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Local Cost Share Programs

Fallen Livestock Program
Rock Gateway

Rock Gateway is our most popular cost-share practice. A wet season often results in our gateways being excessively rutted and eroded.  The purpose of this program is to help Woodford County farmers with the necessary means to repair gateways in order to reach an area of the farm that makes it difficult for animals or machinery to cross the majority of the year 

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Field Cover Crop

To promote soil and water quality in the area, this cost share practice will pay $20 per acre for up to 100 acres, to plant cover crop after the harvest of corn for grain or silage, or soybeans.

This cost share practice will also pay $20 per acre for up to 50 acres, for the planting of a cover crop after harvest of tobacco

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Free Soil Testing

The Woodford County Conservation District sponsors 20 soil tests per producer per year! That includes our urban conservationists who may want to test their backyard garden's soil. 

To take advantage of this program, deliver your soil sample and details to the UK Extension Office at 184 Beasley Road.  We will send you the results as soon as they're ready. 

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